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a look back

some stuff we made before no.good.home that finally found a home ...

BOOKTHING: true//starts [2020 rg]

a collaborative bookthing in celebration of creative false starts ... a home for all things unfinished. by fifteen friends.

free digital version here

physical copies available by email

PRINTTHING: digital block prints [2020 njg]

first stabs at digital block "carving" techniques.

images, vids, ekphrastic responses, etc here

physical copies available by email

GAMETHING: four hot days [2020 rg]

a poetry game featuring minimally-edited journal entries from the scorcher known as summer 2020. rg's first big jump into twine.

play here [works way better on bigger screens, not phones]

you can download the original html file here [open in any browser]

PRINTTHING: the restoration of a dry river ecosystem requires adding water [2020 rg]

one of rg's first ever block prints. made at grey gardens with gifted paper from lita for a micro-run of handwritten "rio salado" broadsides.

photo of the print here

photo of the text here

audio here

** the text is now part of the zinething condo®s, available here **

POEMTHING: poetry jam session 1.0 [2020 njg/rg]

an experiment in simultaneous, unscripted writing/editing/reading with our friends mary hope whitehead lee, claudia nuñez de ibieta, & noa/h fields. future jams will explore new formats to increase accessibility and enjoyability for all involved.

archived document here

audio-snippet from first reading here (all present except mhwl who was fighting a tech battle)

SITETHING: translating^n salamanca [2020 njg/rg]

a long-distance collaborative translation experiment using the poem "sobre el mito de santa tecla" by the salvadoran poet/performance artist/historian elena salamanca.

interactive digital portal here

MUSICTHING: trial& [2020 rg]

a week of daily demos written/recorded from 07.02.20 --> 07.08.20 on lita's computer in ellis' blue nest at grey gardens. some goofy, some not. yay for non-expert music-making!

listen/download here

SITETHING: united states collage service [2020 njg/rg]

informal shifting network of united states postal service users who like getting mail, cutting it up, and sending the tampered pieces back out into the world for a second/third/nth chance at life.

virtual post office here

ZINETHING: a book for ghosts who are afraid of the dark [2019 rg]

halloweentime zine for (inner-)children.

free digital version here

audio here

free printable version for diy assembling here

ZINETHING: a veces [2019 rg]

micro-zine made by hand in jocelyn samayoa's workshop at the 2019 tijuana zine fest.

free digital version here

audio here

free printable version for diy assembling here

BOOKTHING: from many one [2018 rg]

a collection of tidbits in celebration of friends. drawings, photos, poems, collages, etc. by fifteen far-flung friends.

free digital version here

POEMTHING: untitled anti-immunonationalist sculpturepoem [2016 rg]

interactive sculpturepoem exploring the connections between the xenophobic language of the trump machine and the types of language used in the world of immunology. written in the immediate lead-up to and aftermath of the 2016 election.

free digital version here

photo of the sculpturepoem here

STORYTHING: cut it out [2016 rg]

narrative dissection guide for ethically removing a human brain. written after working in a human gross anatomy laboratory during the summer of 2016.

digital version here

INSTALLATIONTHING: not your average poster session [2016 rg]

joint exhibition of student art at the brown university biomedical center critically interrogating science and its research methodologies to reflect on questions of power, privilege, identity, history, and narrative.

installation photos here

POEMTHING: bob [2016 rg]

exploration of relationship with paternal grandfather jumpstarted by letter received at age 18.

free digital version here

STORYTHING: inside [2016 rg]

fieldnotes from a trashcan.

free digital version here

original recovered voicemail here

unpolished fictional storycousin here

STORYTHING: there and back again [2016 rg]

travelogue from multi-week road trip during summer 2015.

free digital version here

PHOTOTHING: doors/windows/walls [2016 rg]

selection of photos taken in guatamala and mexico in the spring/summer of 2015. first exhibited as an installation of 95 postcards at granoff center for creative arts in 2016.

free digital versions here

PHOTOTHING: composite triptych [2015 rg]

overlay of three photos taken in mexico city, summer 2015.

free digital version here