our context

no.good.home is ...

a press, an archive, a playspace, a celebration.

when you enter a friend's room and catch a glimpse of your art on their wall. like that.

we <3 lots of stuff, but especially translation, collaborative writing, and gifs.

the line between yours and ours, art and not. it blurs.

play means not work, but can be as rigorous or more. mining what's hard can be part of play, too.

some of our stuff is made by hand. some is pure digital. everything virtual is free. everything physical is cheap. no.good.home. is no home for fetishized fossils.

art ain't neutral. we're here to pick sides.

this isn't a business. this isn't a non-profit. this is just whatever it becomes.

we reject shame as a deterrent to self-publishing. we reject perfection as a requisite for sharing.

ngh sends infinite love to nick gomez-hall [12.15.90-12.2.16], a true lover of love whose initials give life to our own.

our "we" means ...

us and, well, you too!

nathaniel j gan [njg] & ryan greene [rg] started no.good.home in twntytwntyone as a shared experiment in co-imagining an architecture of collaboration, invitation, and commemoration.

info about us and all other no.good.home housemates here ...


curious about our pre-ngh selves?
take a look in our
album ...

if you wanna say hey ...

feel free to send us digital snail mail at nogoodhomepress@gmail.com

submissions to the pantry, sandbox, and compost are always open and forever free. we're far from picky on format [though files under 10MB are helpful]. we welcome original work, responses to things on the site, and more. undersung stuff by undersung ppl is at the center of our celebration. we will respond. just give us a sec.

and that /!\ ...

is an open road, a warning sign, two books kissing, a blunted arrow, a duck mid-bob, ________ ...