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some stuff that we and others are making right now ...

POEMTHING: me|same|same|sa|mesa|me [2021 om]

poem in progress by om writing toward/against gentrification and displacement in his home --> mesa, az.

we'll continue to post future iterations and reformulations of the poem when they arrive. stay tuned ...

read current version here

read previous version here

a "final" version of this poem appears in om's book, des_________: papeles, palabras, & poems from the desert (Tolsun Books, 2022) here

SERIESTHING: translation side-by-sides [2021 njg]

it's often easier to show the difference between translation methods through examples rather than explanation. njg's image above is the first in a series of such examples that we'll be accumulating as they emerge.

care to contribute? send us an email here

TRANSLATIONTHING: 在那遥远的地方 [2020 njg]

draft translation of a classic song --> had to sing it to see if it fit. the song was collected from [i believe] qinghai province in china in 1939 [or 1934 or 1937 or something], which later won unesco world heritage recognition. there were always snatches of it stuck in my head since childhood, so i finally went and learned the whole thing.

audio snippet of original followed by translation here

additional notebook glimpses into song/poem translation drafts here

INSTALLATIONTHING: lost poems [2021 njg/rg]

a slow-growing collection of "lost poem" signs inviting participation by any and all passersby. if/when "found poems" trickle in, we will gather and share them here.

feel free to print/post these signs wherever you live.

compiled print-ready pdf here

web-ready image files here

text/doodles [njg] / design [rg]

GAMETHING: we pass as fleeting dreams [2020 njg/rg]

our first collaborative poetry game built using twine. in flux ...

you can download the current html file here [open in any browser]

be warned...works much better on bigger [non-phone] screens

TRANSLATIONTHING: quiet night thoughts [2021 njg/rg]

李白 (701-762)


translation variations of an 8th century poem by 李白 called 静夜思 ...

explore the full flux here

BOOKTHING: space rock [2020-2021 rg]

digitally-mediated, poetic exploration of faithstuff. prompted by conversations with rg's partner. has grown to include contributions from nearly thirty friends/loved ones. very slow burner ...

first published poem from the collection at harpy hybrid here

stay tuned for more...

ZINETHING: the condo(r)s [2020-2021 rg]

writing around/toward the vulturistic condo-highrise apocalypse currently underway in phx. zine at the early fits and starts stage is now called condo®s and is currently available here!

voice memo of rough poemdraft composed in a downtown phx park here

photo of the sub-prime notebook rg made to house the growing flockflap body of "condo(r)s" here